The Eyes Have It (great grey owl)

This is one of two paintings I’m working on in my studio for the Bryan Gallery show later this year.  I’m completely enthralled with the eyes on this beautiful bird and that unwavering stare is the reason I’m attempting this painting.  Again.  With my first attempt, I wound up scrapping it and I’ve been mulling it over ever since, working up the confidence to give it another try.  I think I’ve got my painting mojo working this time.  I’ve deliberately kept the background soft and clear of details so the focus of the painting would remain on the eyes and face of the bird.  I will also be attempting a somewhat less defined and looser painting style as far as the feather details around the head and shoulders go.  Wish me luck! May the gods of painting be with me…

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  1. Hope Bradley says:

    Go for it! This is wonderful, intense but wonderful!

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