Photo Trips In The Wild (great blue heron)

I’ve been observing this nesting pair of great blue herons when I’m out in the woods on photo excursions.  I’m keeping my distance during their “courtship” period…three would be a crowd after all; however, using a long telephoto lens I was lucky enough to get this photo of one of their courting behaviors.  I’m not sure if the male or female is the one leaning over to tap it’s beak on a branch but they both seem to do this.  Notice how the feathers along the neck and at the crest of the head are also all fluffed out.  I’ve recently read where this is meant to impress (remember how impressed we were with the big hair of the 80’s!?).  I’ve also seen the male bring a stick to the nest, which the female then takes and strategically arranges.  Also, not so different from human nesting…when a new piece of furniture or some other item for the home is brought in, who’s the one (generally speaking) arranging it strategically!

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  1. Henri Pelletier says:

    How very interesting and thanks for sharing. Your news letters are always a treat!

    Henri Pelletier

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