Field Work & Photo Trips (Pondicherry Refuge)

I walked into the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge the other day with 30lbs of camera equipment, sketch pad and assorted gear strapped to my back.  At the beginning of the walk in I thought, “Hey, this isn’t too bad…”, but within a half an hour those 30lbs felt more like 100lbs!  However, my efforts were almost immediately rewarded with a multitude of  songbirds along the way and waterfowl coming into view once I reached the ponds.  As I laid there on the viewing platform gasping for breath, I vowed to kick my potato chip and chocolate bar habits for good.  Of course, this was being said as I opened a Hershey bar to replenish my energy resources!

It’s an excellent spot to sketch and/or paint and observe a variety of waterfowl and songbirds, especially with the Presidential Mountain range for the background scenery. Talk about your “purple mountain majesty”.  Obviously this photo was taken earlier this Spring but it’s a gorgeous view, no matter the season.


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2 Responses to Field Work & Photo Trips (Pondicherry Refuge)

  1. George says:

    You look good in camo grrr.

  2. Cindy H in Florida says:

    You do look great! Two recent tips I have picked up in buggy Florida; dryer sheets rubbed on your skin will make the knats go away. Best site found recently for nutrition info is Happy arting about!

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