Adventures At Martin Meadow Pond, NH (loons)

I heard there was a pair of osprey nesting near or on Martin Meadow Pond, which is located in nearby Lancaster, NH.  We decided to take our little boat, “The Black Pearl Too”, out for a voyage of exploration (aka: fishing, drifting lazily along in the sunshine and taking photographs of birds and wildlife we might see.  To my great delight, a pair of loons popped up out of the water next to our boat and joined us in a fishing foray.

For the uninitiated, trying to get a clear photo of swimming birds while in a boat that’s constantly bobbing up and down is like trying not to spill a glass of water while riding a bike on a gravel road.  We won’t even talk about the osprey, which did put in an appearance and gave us quite a show of catching a large trout (show off!!) and flying off with it’s meal.  At this point I made a “note to self”…make sure you have a fully charged battery in your camera BEFORE you go out to take photos.  Sigh…. lesson learned!

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2 Responses to Adventures At Martin Meadow Pond, NH (loons)

  1. Kady Dunn says:

    Even worse is going off for a walk with no flash card in your camera.Been there,done that.

  2. Jeanette Fournier says:

    Oh, that would be worse! Guess these things only have to happen once though and you never forget again.

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