Painting In Progress (draft horse art)

This is the first in a series of paintings of horses and women I’m planning, which will be called “Working Girls”.  Aside from being a long time horse lover and rider myself, I’ve always been fascinated by how horses and women interact, whether it’s while working around a farm or at a horse show.  While wandering about the grounds of a horse show, I came across this tiny woman braiding the mane of a HUGE Percheron mare in preparation for a competition in the draft horse ring.  I loved the contrast of size between her and the horse and the soft warm light reflecting off the wood.  I was also drawn to the affectionate nature that seemed to exist between the mare and “her” human.  The woman kept up a low conversation with her horse during the “primping”, which the horse seemed to respond to with the occasional nicker and a gentle nuzzling.  Despite it’s enormous size and strength, this huge horse stayed very still and gentle with it’s movements.

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