A Home-grown Thanksgiving (turkey)

This year we’ve decided to keep our thanksgiving close to home.  By that, I mean we’ve decided only to have food we’ve grown from our gardens or else purchased from local farms.  No packaged foods or things that come out of a can. We’re having squash, corn, green beans and carrots, which we put away in the freezer this past year.  I’m making dinner rolls from scratch using flour from the local grist mill and a raspberry pie, a traditional dessert with my family.  The turkey came from our local food cooperative since neither of us could handle raising one, getting to know it and then eating it.  I, for one, would have given it a name, begun to love it and it would have become a permanent part of our “family”.  As it is, we occasionally give names to some of the wild baby turkeys.  This big fellow is “Curly”, easily identified by us, because the beard he developed as he matured came in curled and never hung straight down.  For the past two years, he has returned each Spring to “woo” a harem of hens but none of the chicks seem to have inherited his “signature” curly beard, so he remains unique.  He also seems to have defied the odds of survival in the wild and when Spring rolls around, we’ll start watching for him again, hoping he’ll have made it through winter. Meanwhile, we’re thankful for the bounty from our garden, the local farms to give us fresh food options and a chance to spend time with family and friends on this holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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