Photo Adventures In The Woods (Partridge)

Since the weather was such a balmy 60 degrees and sunny today, I decided to head out into the woods with my camera.  There won’t be many days like this ahead of us here in the White Mountains of NH so I’ll enjoy it while I can.  My husband and I had put our camouflage tent up several days earlier so I could wander out with my camera whenever the mood struck me.  Earlier in the day, I flushed several partridge in the driveway and thought I had a good chance of seeing them again if they were foraging in the area.  After about an hour of sitting quietly in the tent, I heard something crunching through the dried leaves.  This is always an exciting moment because I wasn’t sure what it would turn out to be…especially if something unexpected comes along.

Sure enough, two partridge were making their way past my tent towards an apple tree, which still had a few last apples scattered on the ground around it.  Pretty soon, two more partridge came along and I’m delighted to have obtained some terrific reference photos for some game bird art I’m planning to work on this winter.


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  1. Nice pictures…. can’t wait to see your paintings! They are always so
    beautiful… thank you for sharing them..

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