Raven Painting In Progress

I’m pleased with my progress on this painting so far.  I frequently searched for ravens on my travels in and around the woods but they always proved to be very elusive and didn’t hang around long enough for me to get decent reference photos.  I ended up with lots of smudgy, blurry images that I refer to as my “big-foot photos”.  So, I went down to the Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences in Queechee, VT and took photos of the ravens being cared for there.  The various birds at this facility are unable to be returned to the wild due to injuries.  I highly recommend a trip to this center, which does a terrific job of caring for wounded birds and when possible, returning them to the wild.  It turns out my friend and fellow wildlife painter, Rosemary Conroy, (aka Raven Whisperer) also has a talent for mimicking various raven sounds, which they enthusiastically responded to.  I hope my painting will capture some of the essence of these mysterious and interesting  birds.

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