Great Horned Owl – In The Studio This Week

I’m inspired this week by another owl image I captured during a day spent at the Squam Lake Science Center last summer.  I love the lighting and colors and the far ranging look in the eyes of this Great Horned Owl as it stared out into the woods beyond it’s enclosure.  Regrettably, it is unable to be returned to the wild due to injuries it sustained.  I find myself repeatedly drawn back to the owls there because, despite the injuries, they seem to retain an undaunted spirit about them.great horned owl paintingI actually sketched it out several weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to get back to it until now.  Guess I needed time to think on it a bit more to be sure I had the composition exactly the way I wanted it to be.  The finished painting will be part of my exhibit at the 2012 Legacy show at the Bryan Memorial Gallery this year.  Updates to come on that soon…

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