Ruffed Grouse Painting In Progress

Still working on this very detailed painting of a ruffed grouse in a forest setting.  We were lucky enough to spot this male grouse along with a couple of hens last Fall during one of our photo trips into the woods.  We had flushed the birds in that area on a couple of previous trips so decided to set up the camouflage tent and see if anything would come by.  A couple of hours later, our patience was rewarded when a small group of ruffed grouse came along.  To my delight and surprise, the male suddenly went into full display mode and I was able to take several photos of him in full glamour! Wow!!  In a few moments we realized there was another male bird nearby and had the rare opportunity of watching them spar and fight, either for the females or maybe it was a territorial thing.  Either way, the hens didn’t seem nearly as impressed as we were at this display of male vigor.  I hope to finish the painting this week and think I may just have to hold onto it for one of the national shows next year.  What do you think?

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