On The Drawing Board (Arabian horse art)

Arabian Horse art

I tried something a little outside of my comfort zone with this painting.   Notice the lack of details (compared to my usual efforts) and the softer overall image?  I put away my teeny, tiny liner brushes for big round ones and wide flat brushes for this.  You should have seen me slopping it on with juicy, wet brushes full of paint!  I had moments when I was sure it was headed for the “closet of shame”, never to see the light of day.  But, I stayed with it and I’m pleasantly surprised with the result.

When I was a young girl, I ate, breathed and lived for horses.  OK, maybe that part hasn’t really changed but I certainly don’t spend half as much time drawing or painting them as I used to.  I once heard it said that knights (of the Arthurian legends) who died in battle come back as horses.  If true, how cool is that?!  A few weeks ago, I saw a photo posted by a Facebook friend that immediately reminded me of that legend and inspired me to create a painting from it.  Is there any other creature that symbolizes such magnificent beauty as the horse?  Her beautiful Arabian horse was my muse for this painting and she was generous enough to let me use her photo for this first, of hopefully, several horse paintings to come.

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