In Nesting Mode – New painting (chicken art)

Nesting hen paintingThese past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself restlessly pacing around my studio awaiting warmer weather and for Spring to arrive in earnest.  I thought painting something colorful would help pass the time.  Certainly, painting the grass would keep me focused for sure!

A nesting hen with chicks is a good subject for a “Spring” painting, as well as timely, given the upcoming Easter holiday.  Consider this then as my version of the Easter “peeps”!  Having never actually eaten one of those gooey, weirdly yellow marshmallow confections in my life (and I’m sure I never will), I can’t quite understand the appeal they have on those who do love to eat them.  Does anyone really eat them?  Now chocolate eggs…that’s a whole other story.

With various deadlines looming, I also composed this painting with the idea of it being a consideration for various commercial art ventures at some future point; such as a puzzle, calendar or greeting card art.  We’ll see what comes of it in the coming months!  And, of course, the original art is up for grabs by any of you who love chicken art!!

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  1. Madeline Pelletier Gomula says:

    Beautiful painting, great for Spring. Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter.

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