Photo Adventure at Vermont Institute of Natural Science (Quechee, VT)

Red-tail hawk photo

A recent photo adventure at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS)  provided me with some new material for future bird art.  I was actually down in Woodstock, Vermont scoping out the area for an art festival I’ll be participating in this September (more on that in future posts!) and VINS was close by.  After finding a place to stay and exploring the park area where the festival will be held, I stopped by VINS on my way back through Quechee, Vermont.  Grabbing my camera, I eagerly “flew off” to see what sort of talks were going on and which birds were out, on the chance I’d get some good photos for artwork.  I’m NEVER disappointed when I go there.great grey owl Sometimes the lighting can be a challenge for taking photos or the birds simply do not want to cooperate by resolutely facing away, looking pointedly out into the woods surrounding their protective enclosures.  With a little patience and by sitting quietly, I’m generally rewarded when they eventually turn around.  During this field trip, I discovered VINS has a new trail through the surrounding woods, which is handicapped accessible for wheelchairs, and it’s a wonderful new addition that enhances the “hands on” educational mission there.  What better way is there to learn about nature than being right in it!

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