On The Drawing Table…(frog art)

frog and fall leaves artI’ve titled this painting, “Prince of Leaves” and it was one of those “AHA!!” moments when inspiration struck me like a smack up beside the head.  One day last year, while taking a walk and kicking up piles of crunchy leaves, I inadvertently uncovered a frog.  It was a beautiful shade of green and so striking in color in contrast with the ground and leaves around it.  I’d wanted to do something like this for a long time and finally had the right imagery to create it from.  I just love this time of year and seeing all these colorful leaves is a good motivator to me for creating art.  I’ll keep posting images of this painting as I progress with it.  Quite a bit of work involved but those creative juices are flowing, and if it comes out well enough, I just might submit it to one of the national watercolor shows.  As of this posting, I’m simply laying down the first wash of color to define the leaves and darker areas.

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