Nature’s Way Studio – Moving In Day Is Here! (Littleton, NH)

studio photoIt’s finally happened.  The new studio space is complete and all it needs now is…well, just little ol’ me in there!   It has taken us the past 15 months, 18 days and 6 hours to finish our “creative zone”, which is large enough to accommodate all of our art in it’s various stages of completion and the “stuff” with which we need to create it.  I finally have big, flat walls to displaystudio gallery photo my artwork on!  I can actually walk around without braining myself on the gambrel roof line or denting the corners of mat board because I’ve lifted it too high.  I’m able to stand back to view works of art in progress without needing to leave the room and peer in from the doorway.  And yes, in case you haven’t guessed it already…I’m practically swooning with joy.

workshop 2012It’s with great satisfaction I can tell you we managed to re-use or “re-purpose” much of the construction materials so we could minimized what we had to take to the landfill.  We’ve got old doors and scrap lumber framed up for use as tables, window sashes salvaged from an old Vermont school house to close in an interior stairwell area (and keep the natural light coming in from windows above it), re-used counter tops cut down for shelves and railings and lighting/hardware saved from other materials/projects to name a few.   Looking back now, it’s hard to believe we’ve accomplished so much from starting out with this unfinished structure.  No wonder we’re tired!  Now, it’s time to get back to the work of being a nature and animal artist in earnest.  Bring me those paint brushes…

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