2013 Legacy Exhibit – New Artwork (Bryan Memorial Gallery)

painting of blue jaysI’ve recently brought some new art over for the ongoing 2013 Legacy Exhibit at the Bryan Memorial Gallery.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop over yet, the Small Works show is also going on right now, where you can see some terrific little paintings…including a few from yours truly!  This painting of a pair of Blue Jays I’m particularly happy with, although the attached image doesn’t quite show the falling snow as well as I highland cow paintingwould have liked.  A good reason to go see the original painting!  I’ve titled it “Winter Blues”.

However, if you want something “warmer” you can also find some new works a little more summer like, such as this one of a curious highland cow in a meadow of flowers, which is titled “Natural Blonde” or this new image of a butterfly, titled “The Constant Gardener”.  butterly paintingSadly, there just didn’t seem to be very many butterflies around this year, which is one reason I decided to paint this one.  Such a beautiful little jewel of color…and so helpful in one’s gardens.  I am hopeful all of these paintings will find an appreciative home in the coming weeks.


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