Drawn To Nature – Sketch #2 (Red-tail Fox)

RedFox WISketch #2 of the “Drawn To Nature” series is that of a Red Fox.  The fox story:  For a time, I explored the area around Mount Washington and the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire for field work and in search of reference photos to create art from.

I frequently came across this fox as she was hunting or traveling in the same areas I was exploring.  My private name for her was “Ragged Ear” because she has one ear that is a bit torn up, which made it easy to identify her.  With the hotel and ski resort nearby, she was obviously accustomed to people being around.  While she wasn’t tame by any means, she wasn’t shy either, provided I kept a tolerable distance.

I assume she had a den nearby since for about 3 years our paths frequently crossed and, as a result, she is a regular model for the red foxes that show up in my artwork.  She tolerated me being nearby with my camera as she went about her business.  On one memorable winter afternoon, I observed her hunting and I knew she had located something she could hear through the deep snow.  She glance back once to see where I was (perhaps checking  I had my camera ready for an action shot).  She jumped up, dove head and shoulders into the snow and came up with a mouse or a mole in her jaws.   Darting a last glance in my direction, she trotted off with her prize while I had the satisfaction of some terrific “action” reference photos.

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