Love and War…Wild turkey style!

turkeys photoAThis was the first time I’ve been close enough (not to mention in the right place and time!) to watch a couple of mature tom turkeys get into a brawl over a flock of hens.  And a brawl it certainly turned out to be!  For over 20 minutes these feathered gladiators battled until finally one them gave in and conceded it’s status to the “top turkey”.   I’ve seen many turkeys cut up a bit in the pecking order within a flock but this scuffle was a serious business.  They were of equal size and maturity and I’ve been expecting it since we’ve been watching several Jakes (a young male turkey) grow up together from last year.  This is their first season competing as adults.  turkeys photoC I know it is survival of the fittest, and all that, but I still felt badly for the defeated Tom.  He can’t have been too discouraged because several hours later he showed up following this same flock of hens.  Just at a more discreet and prudent distance.

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