Stitch In Time – Summer Artwork (Eastern Bluebird art)

eastern blue bird painting

Title: “Stitch In Time” (Summer)

Here’s the next artwork in this series.  It  features a quilt with summer colors and a pair of eastern bluebirds.  This quilt pattern is called a “crazy quilt” because swatches of fabric with various colors and designs are stitched together randomly in a patchwork manner.  This particular quilt is one my mother made.  I recognize several shirts and pairs of my pants that some of these swatches came from!  Oh, those 70’s styles… guess that makes them perfect for a “crazy quilt” design.

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2 Responses to Stitch In Time – Summer Artwork (Eastern Bluebird art)

  1. Jesse Bugbee says:

    Jeanette, is this work for sale? If so, how can I buy it?

  2. Jeanette Fournier says:

    Hi Jesse! Yes, it is for sale and I sent you a personal message on Facebook in response to your inquiry. Get in touch with me so we can discuss it.

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