Painting In Progress (Red-tail Hawk)

On Target WIThis painting of a Red-tail Hawk was inspired following a walk during which I saw several hawks hunting from their various domains.  Ever wonder what a hawk is thinking when it stares at something?  I see many varieties of raptors around the woods near my home and during my daily walk.  The Sharp-shinned Hawk is often spotted in the woods along the road at the bottom of my driveway.  At the farm down at the end of the road, I’ll find the American Kestrel around the surrounding fields.  A pair of Red-tail Hawks consider my yard, the surrounding woods and probably beyond as their domain.  Raptors have such a fierce and focused look and always seem to be on full alert.  The Sharp Shinned Hawk, giving me a close inspection when it soared off it’s perch, provided an opportunity to look right into it’s eyes until it disappeared into the trees across the road.  I wondered what it was thinking when it looked at me.  The Red-tail Hawk, sitting in a dead tree at the edge of the pond, looked at me intently for a few moments before returning it’s attention to the surroundings.  Again, I wondered what it was thinking when it looked at me.  Back in the studio, I rustled through my reference photos to find images that would work for me.  I think this painting captures the focused look of a hunting raptor.  At any moment, it will take off…

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