Photo Adventures In The Woods (songbirds & turkeys)

SparrowphotoEvery few weeks I make an effort to get outdoors to photograph new material as references for new paintings or drawings.  Spring is an especially fun time to get photos but fall is also one of my favorite times to get outdoors and watch the birds and animals.  The other day, my husband was lucky enough to see a mink hunting along the stream that leads from our pond.  I would love to have gotten some photos of that!  Oh well.  I do need to be in my studio working at this time of year too.  However, I managed to spot a flock of Turkeyphoto2067

several turkeys in the yard.  I think they were toying with me…   After all, it was only a couple of days before Thanksgiving.  I sprinkled some cracked corn on the ground for them to “feast” on and just enjoyed their company.

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