Looking Ahead to 2016 (Art Goals & Accomplishments)

1194985205336006011blocco_notes.svg.medMany years ago, when I first decided to pursue the idea of painting for a living, I came across an article in a magazine where I read about the importance of making a list of attainable goals.  Specifically, the article encouraged making three lists:  goals for a lifetime, goals for the next 5 years and goals for the immediate 12 months.  Being a lifelong lover of making lists, I immediately sat down to make my list of goals.  Since then, at the beginning of every new year, I review the past year to see what I’ve accomplished and update the goals for the new year.  It’s thrilling and empowering to check off a few more goals, knowing I’m that much closer towards attaining the lifetime goals, which is the point of this exercise.  As the 2015 year comes to a close and 2016 is about to begin, it’s time to look over this past year’s goals.  A few of my bigger accomplishments for 2015:  I met my annual sales goal, hosted my first open studio event (and quite successfully, thank you all so much!), won a 3rd place award in a state conservation stamp contest ( 5 year goal is to win one or more!), obtained new art licensing contracts, created a body of new artwork and tried a new art festival venue.

StudiobrushesA few of my goals for the 2016 year are to take part in one or more new art venues (this broadens my art to a wider audience and forces me outside of my travel comfort zone), find additional gallery representation (in the New England states), host another annual open studio event, have artwork accepted into two or more national exhibits, learn new paintings techniques to improve my existing skills and attain signature status with the American Watercolor Society.  It’s one thing to write my goals down and hang it on my studio wall to remind me throughout the year, but it’s another to share this with you because now someone other than me is keeping tabs.  Happy new year and I hope 2016 sees you reaching your own goals and accomplishments!



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