Big Paintings, Big Ideas, Big Magic In The Studio

easle photoFor many years, I wanted a classic Mercedes car and it was my goal to have one when I reached a certain age.  That, ahem…“certain age” has since come and gone; however, being a person of a very practical nature, I decided to opt for the second thing I’ve always wanted.  An easel for my studio.  An easel I will use for years and years, adaptable for both big and small paintings and for creating “big magic” in the studio.  One night, while gazing at the photos of easels (and sighing in the way the newly in-love would understand) in the art supply catalog… there it was.  On sale.  In my price range.  An actual easel I would love.  Oh my.  Did I mention it was late on Christmas eve?  A little bit of Christmas magic going on there for sure!  A few of my 2016 paintings will be larger than anything I’ve ever done before.  This is kind of scary and exciting at the same time.  I’m attempting some new things in 2016 and I’ve designated an area of my studio for this work so I can stand back and see the “big picture”, if you get my meaning!  Keep an eye out for new artwork in the coming months in my monthly E-newsletter.  Aren’t signed up for my monthly E-newsletter?  What are you waiting for?!  Go to my website and click on the link there and you won’t miss a thing.

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