Monthly Archives: February 2016

Photo Adventures In The Wild (Mastodons in Vermont?!)

There I was, strolling along and minding my own business when suddenly a very large shadow crossed my path.  Realizing I was about to walk into something quite a bit larger than myself, I looked up to find a mastodon … Continue reading

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Puppies & Kittens & Quilts

I’ve got a couple of new paintings of quilts, only this time around it’s with puppies and kittens rather than birds.  In case this means nothing to you, last year I created a series of artwork featuring quilts with birds … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Studio? (Paint Brushes & Paper)

I’m often asked what sort of brushes I use or what kind of paper do I like best.  I thought I might write about “what’s in my studio” for the next couple of posting.  Maybe some of you couldn’t care … Continue reading

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