What’s In Your Studio? (Paint Brushes & Paper)

studiodrawingtable3I’m often asked what sort of brushes I use or what kind of paper do I like best.  I thought I might write about “what’s in my studio” for the next couple of posting.  Maybe some of you couldn’t care less, but if you are curious…then read on!  I hope I don’t burst any bubbles here, but the truth is, I use a little bit of everything.  However, when it comes to paper, I do have a preference for Arches 300lb natural or bright white watercolor paper.   It’s just about the best paper around for watercolor art.  That has been my experience anyway and I don’t think you will be disappointed with this as a paper choice.  As far as brushes go, I have an eclectic mix of brands, types and sizes.paint brushes photo  I use pointed rounds, rounds, flats, liner brushes, fan brushes, hake brushes, oval, filbert and all in a mix of nylon and sable.  No preference and no brand loyalty here!  Here’s a little secret though… my very favorite “go-to” brush is a small “el-cheapo” nylon Pro Art liner brush (paid less than $2 many years ago!).  The wooden end is covered with bite marks where I’ve held it in my mouth when I work with more than one brush at a time.  The middle of the handle is duct-taped to repair where it broke in half, during a particularly difficult painting moment!  I’ve been unable to find a replacement for it so I take great pains to keep this brush safely stored and maintained for as long as possible.  I’ve even gone back to the art/craft supply store where I bought it years ago, but they no longer carry the brand and no one else seems to either!  Believe me, I’ve tried to find it so I can buy a new one (or a whole box of them!) because, let’s face it, the brush isn’t going to last forever.  However… it’s my lucky brush, if the truth be told.  There, I’ve said it.  It can’t really be replaced, now can it?

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