Painting In Progress (North American Eagle)

Eagle painting WIPOne of my projects in the studio right now is a commissioned painting of an eagle for a very special person.  The first time I saw a wild eagle, I almost drove off the road.  This was many years ago when my husband and I were out for a drive up in Errol, New Hampshire.  We were looking for wildlife and places to fish along the river.  We were following the road as it wandered along the wild and raucous Androscoggin river, when we spotted the eagle soaring above the river.  We pulled over to watch it for several minutes.  It was early springtime so the river was swollen with snow melt from the mountains and roaring powerfully along.  It’s a large, wide river, closed in on both sides by banks fringed in dense forest, punctuated by stretches of flat rocky land.  This whole area seems to consist of immense rugged forests and has an untamed feel to it, which to my way of thinking, makes it the perfect setting for an eagle. Eagle painting WIP3 As I work on this painting,  I recall that moment well and I’m inspired to create a painting that will invoke that same sense of wildness and freedom.  In the foreground, I’ve drawn the eagle sitting at the top of a line of evergreen trees.  By keeping a large area of sky and a far off mountain range in the background, it provides a sense of the wide open space beyond the eagle.

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