Painting In Progress (Arabian Horse – Part 3)

ArabianHorseWIP6This is part three in this Arabian horse painting in progress to date.  And here I was thinking the hard part was done!!  The headdress is quite complicated with varying textures, the fabric folds and intricately embroidered trim.  Not to mention the yarn in the tassels!  While it is definitely challenging, it’s also fun to work on as I layer in the color and begin the details of the fabric.  I should have this piece done in another week or so. ArabianHorseWIP8 If all goes well, I plan to submit this as an entry to one of the national shows next year.  I’m sometimes envious of those painters who can whip up a large painting in a matter of a few days or in a week, whereas my large paintings can take a couple of weeks to complete.  People frequently comment on how patient I must be to create such detail, and while that may be true, I assure you I still have my moments!  Meanwhile, stay tuned for the next installment… as well as a finished painting!

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