Finding Inspiration In Maine (Mallard duck painting)

SittingDuckComboA few weeks ago, my husband and I took a trip to Maine, where we had high hopes of seeing moose to photograph.  Well, anything else for that matter too, but we specifically went for moose.  The weekend we chose to go was Columbus Day weekend, and had we given it more thought, would have realized it was the worst idea to go anywhere on a holiday weekend.  The area was overwhelmed with people.  They were EVERYWHERE.  No matter how early we got up or how late in the evening we went out to locations for spotting moose, there were other vehicles already lined up with people standing around talking loudly, laughing, drinking and otherwise having a good time.  To compound the situation, (and unknown to us before we got there), the moose hunting season was opening the next day, so the woods and logging roads were full of hunters scouting various areas too.  There wasn’t a chance in a certain “very hot place”  that we were going to see any moose with all that invading human activity.  Seagull1We decided to make the most of it anyway and went looking for other wildlife to photograph.  Mallards1Happily enough, we kept seeing a variety of waterfowl during our adventures around the numerous bogs, streams, ponds and wetland areas.  One early morning, while still at our motel, I took a cup of tea (with camera in hand) down to the edge of the lawn where it meets the lake to enjoy some quiet time and watch the sunrise.  I became aware that quite a few ducks and other waterbirds were also enjoying the solitude before the bustle of tourists came out.  LoonSeveral female mallard ducks settled on the dock around me, sunning themselves and having a wee nap following breakfast and some personal grooming time.  One of the photos I took was the inspiration for the above painting, which I titled “A Sitting Duck”So, even though we didn’t find what we went to Maine looking for, I still found inspiration and came home to create a painting I’m very happy with.

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