Photo Adventures In The Wild (turkeys & rabbits and deer, oh my!)

DeerWinter2016We’ve had our first serious snowfall and almost immediately, our woodland neighbors showed up.  Somehow, I think they know when we start putting out seeds and corn for the birds.  Our compost pile is close by where the remains of the pumpkins and squash we chucked over there are a big draw too.  We’ve found large pieces of pumpkin carried into the woods, no doubt to be enjoyed in solitude.  snowshoe hare photo2I watched a snowshoe hare breaking a trail by tamping down the snow with it’s large back feet and biting off twigs and other small debris in the way.  It found a good spot to snuggle down in between two piles of snow and rest before going back to work.  It was so well camouflaged I would never have seen it had it not moved while I was looking in it’s direction.  I just love it when these little glimpses of nature happen around me when I least expect them!

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