Exploring New Creative Outlets (watercolor on Aquabord)

I’m taking time this year to go back to my art reference books and do some “self directed study” on creating strong compositions in artwork and to get a better understanding of the ways to work with color.  I’m also trying watercolor on Aquabord, which is a board with a clay board surface made for watercolorChipmunk I WI paint.  When finished, the artwork is then varnished and framed without the need for matting or glass.  Whoa…  The idea of putting ANYTHING liquid on top of a watercolor painting just makes me cringe in horror, but I’m told it really does work.  So… here goes your favorite artist taking a leap of faith!  ChipmunkIIHere are two new artworks using the Aquabord.  One is finished and, as you can see, the other is in the works.  The biggest challenge I’ve noticed so far is that glazing colors doesn’t work very well on this surface.  Or, perhaps I haven’t got the technique down yet.   Also, the paint tends to sit on the surface longer than it does with regular watercolor paper so I have to wait a bit longer for it to dry before applying the next layer of color.  I could use a hairdryer but I prefer to let it dry naturally so I can have a better feel for how to work with the surface.



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