Photo Trips and Field Work (painting birds & animals)

Yellow-bellied woodpeckerWith the return of Spring, I love taking time out of the studio to get into the field for sketching and photographing reference materials.  There is nothing like being there to see and watch the many birds/animals, both large and small, who are the subjects of my artwork.  Springs brings on a flurry of activity among the many bird species returning to the area and ample photo opportunities… provided I have the patience to sit quietly a period of time.  And then there are those moments when a bird just won’t still still for more than a few seconds.  I end up blundering around through the brush in an effort to get a good photo or a better look at it.  This Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was one such bird, and after following it all over the yard and up and down the driveway, we ended up right back at the tree where we started.

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