Artwork in Progress (Canada Geese)

Geese WIP1

I’m working on several new graphite artworks for an upcoming show and thought I’d share this work in progress with you. This year I decided I would do some “self study” on design and composition in art and have been reading Pictorial Composition by Henry Rankin Poore as my main resource book.  It’s fascinating!  I’m currently reading the chapter on designing “balanced” artwork and as I learn about each different method that can be employed, I take the time to apply it when creating a new work.  I find I remember things better if, after I’ve read about it, then I actually do it.  This drawing is my attempt at creating a composition using a curved balance method.  Notice the way the geese are not lined up in a straight line (boring) but arranged in a slightly curved line (more interesting) that crosses above and below an imaginary horizontal line that makes your eye wander.  In case you were wondering, I think this is an excellent book for any artist, whether you are just learning or looking to refresh your skills.

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