Photo Adventures in the Field (Birds)

Scarlet Tanager BannerIt’s always exciting to see, and then acquire, a good reference photo of a “life bird” sighting from which to create my artwork.  I’ve had several excellent photo “adventures” out in the field lately but seeing a Scarlet Tanager one day was the prize making my efforts worthwhile.  Spring in New England means not just battling the ticks but also black flies.  I’m covered head to toe including netting over my head but after a couple of hours, I just have to get back indoors and away from the little pests.  After a full Rose-breasted Grosbeaktick check and shower, I can make a cup of restorative tea and look over myellow-rump warblery photos.  This year seems to be a very good year as I’m seeing lots of my favorite birds to photograph or maybe I’m just getting outside at the right time to see them!  Soon the foliage will be too thick for me to easily take photos but I enjoy the “hunt” and the thrill of the moment when I get a good photo.  Stay tuned for more images soon!

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