Pencil Art Society Member Juried Exhibit

OMG!!  I’m thrilled to announce that my artwork was juried into the 2017 exhibition of worldwide pencil artists sponsored by the Pencil Art Society.  Only 60 entries were chosen for this show and I’m overjoyed to have been selected!!  Hidden 4 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker WIMy first foray into the world of professional graphite art and I hope it’s a sign of good things to coHidden 5-Downy Woodpecker WIme in the future.  On October 1st, the awards were announced and listed on the PAS website.  Here are my entries that made it into the show, “Hidden #4” (Yellow -bellied Sapsucker) and “Hidden” #5 (Downy Woodpecker).   I was not selected to receive one of the awards but I’m still very pleased that TWO of my entries were chosen for this show, especially since the exhibit consists of work by artists from many different countries.  These were two of my favorite graphite artworks (Well, I love them all but I do occasionally have favorites) from the “Drawn To Nature” exhibit I had earlier this year. 

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