Painting In Progress (morning doves)

dove artI’ve wanted to work on this painting for a long while and finally have time to devote my attention to it.  I haven’t done anything quite this challenging in a while now but I’ve recently been feeling inspired.  Of course, I may feel differently after I’ve been working on it for a bit!  There are always those moments when I’m sure I’ve ruined it,  and in the nextdove art WIP5 minute, I’m convinced I’m channeling the creative spirit of John James Audubon!  So far, so good and I’m pleased with my progress.  I’ve applied a nice soft wintery blue wash for the sky in the background and now I’m painting in all the little branches, moss and needles of the pine tree.  Lots to do in that regard still but it’s coming along nicely.  I’m saving the birds to do last because it’s my favorite part but also because I’m undecided on how to capture their coloring just yet.  Will have to do some “test” colors on spare paper first.

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