My Word of the Year: Serendipity

A friend recently asked me what my word of the year would be.  My initial reaction was “What…?!”  However, after giving it some thought I’ve decided that “Serendipity” will be my word for this year:

Serendipity: “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy and beneficial way”.


We’ve all experienced it.  Those moments when opportunity knocks, and if we have our wits about us, we find something wonderful develops “by chance in a happy and beneficial way”.  For example, in the course of my husband’s work in the building industry, he gets to know contractors on building projects.  Over time, one of them became aware my husband and I have a woodworking shop/art studio, and followed up on an invitation by my husband to visit our studios sometime.  He came over one evening along with a co-worker and, among other things, we chatted about my painting process.  Turned out, the spouse of one of them loves owls, her birthday was coming up and he wanted to surprise her with something special.  To my delight, he purchased a framed print right then and there.  A few weeks later, he reached out again because his company wanted to purchase another framed print as a thank you gift for someone.  In another few weeks, his co-worker contacted me to commission an original pet portrait of their dog!  From a casual conversation about a mutual interest in nature, wood turning and wildlife art came the meeting and making of some new friends, as well as people who are interested in and want to buy my art.  Serendipity indeed…

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