Painting The Birds of Summer (Goldfinch & Sunflower)

We’re already in winter mode here in the mountains and it came abruptly, hard on the heels of autumn. One day there were fall leaves, and the next morning, we’re waking up to a foot of snow blanketing everything.  As much as I’m NOT looking forward to shoveling snow, I am looking forward to the quiet that seems to blanket the natural world as we settle in, both physically and mentally here in the mountains.  But, that doesn’t mean I’ve given up painting the birds of this past summer! We have goldfinches year-round and hearing their cheerful, and some might say “cheeky” twittering, as they socialize around the feeder is always fun.  I made a “note to self” to paint something cheerful and thought a goldfinch would fits the idea nicely.  It’s titled, “A World View” and is my newest watercolor on Aquabord.

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