“Fruition” Exhibit at Copley Society of Art (Boston, MA)

Title: “Apple of My Eye”

I will have two new watercolor paintings in the first show of 2019 at the Copley Society of Art gallery in Boston, Massachusetts this month.  What a great way to start the new year! The dictionary defines the meaning of fruition as “the realization of something desired or worked.  It also says it’s the “condition of being fruitful”.  I pondered what to create for this while on walks with our dog or puttering in the studio.  Apples kept coming to mind and got me thinking of our own journey to fruition.  About 8 years ago we sold a parcel of land, which had an abandoned grove of apple trees that produced delicious apples.  We picked as many apples as we could before the sale and planted some of the seeds from them.  To our amazement, one of the seeds took and a small sapling grew.  We planted it in a pot and lovingly nursed it along over the next few years, took it with us when we bought a new house and finally planted it in our yard here.  Now, that apple tree is over eight feet tall, and it hasn’t produced fruit yet, but I’m told it takes 7-10 years before an apple tree is mature enough to have apples.  We remain hopeful.  For this show, I created paintings of apple trees and the birds I’ve seen in them.  The blossoms and then fruits of the apple trees attract bugs, which then attract the birds.  In turn, this attracts the artist (aka: me) who’s inspired to create these paintings, making a case for the definition of the realization of something worked for…  Of course, I could also say the opportunity to exhibit these paintings at the Copley Gallery are “the realization of something desired” too!

The opening night reception will be January 10th, 5:30pm-7:30pm and the “Fruition” show will be on exhibit from January 10th through April 28th at the Copley Society of Art, 158 Newbury Street, Boston, MA.


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