Small Works- Fruition Exhibit (Copley Society of Art)

Here is another small painting I have in the current small works exhibit currently open to the public at the Copley Society of Art in Boston, Mass.  This painting is title, “This Side of Red” and features an Eastern Bluebird, one of my favorite birds.  We see bluebirds around our home but they tend to nest in other more open locations since our house is tucked up into the woods.  However, my neighbor’s apple trees and large fields seem to be a favorite with the bluebirds and are one of my “go to” spots to get reference photos.

This exhibit will be up from January 10th until April 28th.  Be sure to stop by the gallery and see the show if you live near Boston or are visiting the city.  For more information and directions, you can visit their website by clicking the link here: COPLEY GALLERY

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