Gems & Giants Exhibition (Bryan Memorial Gallery)

The Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville, Vermont is once again hosting it’s annual “Gems & Giants” exhibition, which will be open to the public until December 22nd.  I have three “gems” in the show this year and some day I’m going to surprise everyone and have a GIANT painting for the event.  That might make for a good goal for 2020…  The little paintings I have in the show, are just that.  They may be but small in size but mighty in color!  The chipmunks are both 4″h x 2 1/2″w and the painting of a pair of cardinals is 7″h x 5″w, making them just the right size for hiding in the Christmas tree as a gift for the nature lover in your life.  Just a thought peeps…  You can view all three images on the website of the Bryan Memorial Gallery.

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