Backyard Birding Photo Adventures

I look forward to the annual Backyard Bird Count weekend like other people look forward to the Super Bowl game.  I plan ahead, have snacks made, ready the camera for any special photo moments, get all my feeders filled up and make sure there’s something for all different bird species.  Every year is different as far as what shows up in and around the yard and the weather is definitely a factor.  We always take a walk in the woods around our home to include any sightings we might have there too.  Our big surprise this year was a pair of pileated woodpeckers in the woods behind the house.  I was able to get some photos for possible use in future artwork.  The prior weekend had common red-polls, goldfinches, morning doves, evening grosbeaks and ruffed grouse but no such luck for the bird count weekend.  We did have uncommonly large flocks of black-capped chickadees and bluejays though.  We enjoyed it just the same and carefully recorded all our sightings.  Until next year…

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