A Little March Madness With Art and A Game of Bingo

The months of January through March can be long and difficult when the winter cold really settles in here in the mountains.  The trees crack and snap with the freezing cold, your nose freezes shut when you take a breath outdoors and all you want to do is stay indoors by the wood stove.  My local community has come up with a game of Bingo to be played town wide with a variety of local businesses.  With the Covid virus still among us, it’s extra hard to keep a small business going at this time of year.  But, it’s March and it’s time for a little madness… so lets have some fun, shall we? 

Littleton Bingo is just what it sounds like… a game of bingo that supports local business and gives you have a chance to win prizes.  To play: go to www.leadlittletonnh.com for the game rules and to download a Bingo card.  Every box on the bingo card instructs you to do something that involves a local business.  In my case, you go online to my website and purchase a work of art.  My art prices start at $10 for a small 5″x7″ print and go up from there in pricing for framed and unframed limited edition prints and original watercolor art.  Once you’ve completed the action on a square, you get a sticker.  When you get BINGO (five squares in a row or diagonal), mail in your card or drop it off to LEAD (Littleton Entertainment and Development) by March 31st for a chance to win a raffle prize.  If you shop online, provide your receipt to LEAD for the corresponding activity to be counted.  The prizes are listed on the LEAD website and winners will be notified by April 5th.  

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