Fresh Paint Auction – Nurture Nature (Copley Society of Art)

The annual Fresh Paint Virtual Auction/Fundraiser will take place on September 22nd from 6 PM to 8PM.  The artwork will be available for bidding from September 9th through the evening of the auction.  The artworks can be viewed in the upper gallery at the Copley Society of Art.

Visit the Copley website for the AUCTION link to view the artworks and get your bid in early!

In this year’s Fresh Paint auction, artists are encouraged to explore how their art can nurture nature and preserve the splendor; not just in untouched landscapes but manifested in all corners of the natural world.  I’ve created a painting of a hummingbird for this year’s event to highlight the importance sustaining habitats for the multitude of bird species that migrate to our area.  Hummingbirds are a beloved bird and one that we all recognize as harbingers of summer here in New England.

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