Art In The Park Festival -North Conway, NH

I’m pleased to announce one of my paintings, “Woodland Spirit”, received a Third Place Award at this year’s Art in the Park festival held at Schuler Park in North Conway, New Hampshire.  It was a great boost to receive such an accolade by the judges who had to decide from among all the many talented artists at this annual event.  Who doesn’t enjoy an “Atta-girl” now and then?!  The rainy weather held off until the afternoon of the second day but otherwise it was a picture perfect summer day.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way of making a come-back from the struggles of last year.   

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Jean’s Playhouse – Lobby Gallery Exhibit

I’ve been invited to exhibit several of my graphite drawings in a group show to be held in the lobby of the North Country Center for the Arts (Jean’s Playhouse) in Lincoln, New Hampshire during the months of July and August.  The theme of the exhibit is nature and all the artists have their own individual style and take on creating works of art that feature animals, birds and nature.  The Playhouse is hosting four performances available to the public this summer as they begin to re-open from the pandemic last year.  You can stop by Jean’s Playhouse anytime during the day when the box office is open to view the art or when you’re there to enjoy live performance.

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Naturally New England Exhibit – The Livery, Sunapee Harbor NH

The Livery, a beautiful gallery in a historic building in Sunapee Harbor, New Hampshire is hosting it’s annual Naturally New England exhibition from July 17th – July 26th.  One of my paintings has been juried into the show this year and I’m thrilled to be exhibiting alongside so many talented New Hampshire and Vermont artists!  This fine art show displays the diverse and creative talent of the NH/VT region with a goal of providing artists with a beautiful venue at the best of the summer in the Sunapee vacation region.

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On The Wing Solo Exhibition – Long River Gallery

My solo show enters it’s second month at the Long River Gallery.  If you’re looking to feather your own nest with some art, be sure to stop by the gallery.  Many of the artworks in my show are small, affordable original watercolors.  Just right for the budding collector!  My project of painting all the birds found around my home and studio will be ongoing for many months as I paint a few new works in each of the coming weeks.

Long River Gallery is located in downtown White River Junction, Vermont, which is a funky and eclectic town offering much in the way of celebrating local arts.  And they have some really cool restaurants.  Just saying…

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Something Old Becomes Something New – Watercolor Painting

I started a large painting of a pair of white-breasted nuthatches quite a while ago; however, I was unsure how to proceed or if it was even worth doing.  It ‘s been tucked away for over a year.  Every now and then I’d pull it out only to realize I was still unhappy with how it was coming out.  I just did not think the composition worked.  So back into storage it would go.  During a recently studio “purge”, I took it out once more to look it over yet again.  Nope.  Not going to work.  I decided to cut out the areas I disliked and keep the parts of the painting that I thought were working.  And just like that… a smaller work came into being.  The composition took on a whole new look and I was inspired once more to finish it. 

Title:  “Upwardly Mobile” (White-breasted nuthatch), Size: 8″h x 18″w, Watercolor

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