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First Place Award (White Mountain Artisan Festival-Jackson, NH)

I received a First Place Award at the White Mountain Artisan Festival in Jackson, New Hampshire this past weekend.  I had a hard time deciding what to bring to the show and thought this piece would be a good “eye … Continue reading

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New Studio Space In Progress

Sorry I haven’t been in touch with regular posts here lately but I have been painting…walls that is.  This photo is the view from where my new “creative zone” will be at our home.  That is,  if we ever get … Continue reading

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Finished Watercolor Painting (pileated woodpecker)

The most recently completed painting to come off my drawing table.  This painting will be part of my exhibit at the Bryan Gallery this Spring.  Several more in the works for this show…stay tuned!

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Work In Progress (white birch trees, pileated woodpecker)

My progress has been a bit slow this week…too many irons in the fire.  However, here’s a peek at how this painting is coming along so far.  I’m saving the woodpecker for last…my reward for completing all the fine details … Continue reading

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Painting In Progress (Pileated Woodpecker)

We have several groupings of white birch trees scattered around our yard, which I frequently stop to admire when I pass by.  At times, they seem almost to glow with brightness, especially when the sky is a particular shade of … Continue reading

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